In The Trenches Training: 1 Day One-on-One Mentorship

Are you ready for, The Real Deal, 1on1 Private Mentorship?

Tired of “RA RA Events” where you sit with 500 people in a hotel auditorium & just get teased with “Blah Data”?            

Ready to hit the real estate trenches & visit real multimillion dollar projects? 

Then Private 1on1 Intensive Mentorship is Right For You:

Consist of 1 full day in Mr. Padilla’s private office & in the Real Estate Trenches looking at his projects, PLUS 2 months of mentorship. 

NOTE: We will custom tailor the mentorship to be able to accomplish your individual goals.  

The investment is $7,997.

Here is what you will get:

Bring all your questions. No holds barred! NO B.S. NO Fat. 100% muscle.

  1. He will disclose what his Global Mentor, Mr. Dan Pena taught him after spending 8 days in his Scotland Castle & 12 months of brutal Mentorship.  $30,000 Value.
  1. Billionaire Napkin Secrets. Mr. Padilla’s Billionaire Mentor died but his priceless lessons live on!  Mr. Padilla will share these billionaire lessons.     $7,500 Value 
  1. Lessons from Poppa Ron while traveling with him for 2 years. Learn from the conversation Mr. Padilla had while traveling on a private jet, touring property on a helicopter and private dinner stories. Mr. Padilla paid $50,000 for this mentorship.    
  1. What did Jordan Belfort “The Wolf of Wallstreet” teach Mr. Padilla about Bitcoin, business, and real estate while in a 3-day Beverly Hills Master Mind? Mr. Padilla paid $25,000 for this event.   
  1. We will review 10 Real Life Case Studies on CLOSED Multi-Million Dollar Deals. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & HOW I structured the deal & raised the Money: $10,500 Value ​
  1. We will visit 2 to 3 CLOSED projects & do case studies. Including my Private Office Compound that he paid $1,500,000 and is now valued at $4,500,000. $2,500 Value. ​
  1. System & Documents I use to Raise Millions of Dollars in Private Capital!  $10,000 Value 
  1. Copies of my actual contracts & documents.
  1. Inbound & Outbound call scripts. Exactly what to say & NOT say!  $500 Value. 
  1. Dialogue for brokers to give you “The Inside Scoop”. 
  1. Broker Prospecting System (BPS): Email system to have Brokers Calling you with OFF Market Deals.  This is how he purchased an apartment building for only $750,000 cash down payment and the After Repositioning Value is over $5,000,000. $2,500 Value.
  1. Dialogue & Custom Questionnaire to have brokers evaluate deals for you at no cost. $1,500 Value
  1. Copies of my personal Direct Marketing Mailers.  $1,000 Value.
  1. You will learn how Mr. Padilla quickly evaluates a property. His secret recipe/formula. Is it a Deal or NO Deal?  $1,000 Value.
  1. Documents for Sellers to Create Instant Credibility.  $3,000 Value  
  1. You will get a copy of the CEO Schedule. $500 Value  
  1. A schedule for your Acquisitions Agent
  1. The Rules of The Real Estate Acquisition Game. 

This caliber of “1on1 Mentorship” is offered by other so-called GURUS for $25,000 to $40,000.

BONUS #1: Ask Mr. Padilla any question about business, IRS & Taxes, Litigation Solutions, work life balance, working with his family and wife, etc.

BONUS #2: You will see Mr. Padilla’s actual Emails, Documents, Videos as Mr. Padilla works on Real Deals.

Mr. Padilla will share selected emails, offers, LOI’s, MOU’s and Videos as he works on structuring deals with Brokers, Sellers, and Attorneys. 

Can you learn how to close just 1 deal and earn $100,000 to $1,000,000 or how to raise $500,000 in private capital, yes or YES? 

This is Priceless. 

If you put this on a credit card that charges 7% annual interest, then the daily interest only payment is just $1.34. 

Here is the math formula = $7,997 X 7% annual rate = $559.79 interest (divided) by 365 days in a year = $1.53 interest per day = LESS than coffee.  

Investing in your training and education is a business tax write off. 

Check with your CPA. 

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results…”

Tony Robbins