CEO Level Mentorship Training By Hector Padilla

Who We Are

HP Capital Investments, Inc is a family owned & operated Real Estate Acquisition & Investment firm with over 47 years of experience. We offer comprehensive solutions to property owners & investors so they can have true time freedom and financial freedom while leaving a lasting & impressionable legacy. Our company President also offers one on one Mentoring & Advisory to 10 Mentees, to take their business to the next level.  Our family has spent the last 47 years learning and building a strong team, so you don’t have to. Don’t waste your life thinking, what if? We can help make your dreams a reality. 

About Our Mentorship Programs

1 Day “In The Trenches Training” & One-on-One Mentorship

Ready to Roll with Mr. Padilla hitting the trenches, visiting projects, sitting “one-on-one” with him in his private office for the day?

The “COST” VS “Value”. If the “Cost” of a book is $25. But you read it and you learn how to become wealthy; then what is the “Value”?

Contact us here for more information or to set up a private one-on-one training.

3 Full Day Intensive Training

Taking Applications Now. Click here to apply for our upcoming Thursday June 9th to Saturday June 11th 2022. THREE FULL DAYS TRAINING with Mr. Padilla.